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Gentle bodywork and energy work


Shiatsu is a collaborative process, we explore your health together and through the process of gentle bodywork, energy work and discussion, find your personal route to improved wellness. It is particularly effective for stress-related disorders, such as muscular pain, sleep disruption, IBS, headaches and anxiety.



A non-invasive and relaxing treatment


The treatment, which is received fully clothed, uses the principles of Chinese medicine and Five Element Theory to find your unique patterns of disharmony. I then help your body to move back towards a more balanced state. Shiatsu is non-invasive, not painful and very relaxing.


The initial session


A typical initial session will start with an in-depth discussion of your health, wellbeing and lifestyle. Shiatsu is an holistic treatment, so don’t be surprised if you come to me with an aching shoulder, but I ask you about your sleep patterns and dietary preferences! You will then lie down on a futon mattress on the floor and I will treat you by using a combination of pressure through the body, gentle joint rotations, stretches, carefully selected acupressure points and energy meridians to achieve the treatment aims. At the end of the treatment, I may suggest some options of self-care to help you between appointments.

An initial Shiatsu appointment will last up to an hour and a quarter, ongoing appointments will be 1 hour long. 


Treatment fees

Initial consultation and treatment
: £50
Ongoing treatments: £45

If your circumstances make cost a barrier to having a treatment, please talk to me, as options are available.


I have a job that requires a lot of lifting and I always recognise the importance of taking good care of how I lift and making sure I get enough rest. There are times however when this becomes more challenging and I need a bit of extra help. I only have one place I go to now, which is to see Sally Blackman. She is extremely skilled, very experienced and has an ability to put me back together again really quickly, even when I may have done a bit more damage than I thought. I am in the most capable and safest pairs of hands I know. I am really grateful to have been introduced to Sally and I am grateful every time I see her for her hard work and incredible healing.

David Shulman

Company Director

Sally has been an amazing find. She has a very special gift – her ability to ground my spiritual development into my physical body. This creates a balance which enables the perfect foundation for my development.

She intuitively knows what needs to occur and enables it to happen as the energy flows.

I am so grateful for my regular sessions with Sally and highly recommend a visit to see her whenever something feels out of balance in your life – physically, emotionally or spiritually.


HR Director

My first Shiatsu treatment with Sally was many years ago when I had back/neck pains for which I had previously visited an osteopath. Sally offered to treat me and I found it to be just as effective. Now, she is my first port of call for aches pains and general ‘sluggishness’. I have found that Shiatsu works on many levels; our physical pains are often caused by emotional/life stress which, in me, tend to sit in my shoulders; a Shiatsu treatment not only releases the physical tension but increases my sense of well being making me better able to deal with the stress. I now visit Sally at regular intervals just to keep on top of things.

Donna Forbes

Shamanic practitioner

Shiatsu really helped me cope better with the menopause. Prior to having Shiatsu from Sally I was suffering with 20-30 hot flushes a day and on the brink of opting for HRT. Gradually over several sessions the flushes reduced to virtually none. Sally worked intuitively, so each session was different and adapted to my changing needs. I would highly recommend Sally and Shiatsu.

Debbie Austin

A video about Shiatsu from the Shiatsu Society UK

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